What Is Liquid Nicotine?

Smokers all across the world have been pounded by the slogans to quit smoking and how harmful it is to their health. They have always been bombarded by the constant admonitions by the people at large about the risk they put themselves into by smoking. So the introduction of the electronic cigarettes with liquid nicotine comes as a superb remedy for all vows of smokers .Electronic cigarettes are still a novelty, the concept of using liquid nicotine instead of real tobacco captures a lot of attention from all the age groups. This in fact is a special solution of liquid nicotine which can be easily vaporized by a small heating element.

The e-liquid or liquid nicotine contains anything from 2.4 to zero percent nicotine, which eliminates the chances of accidental spills, swallowing of the liquid itself. The cartridges usually contain sixteen to twenty four milligrams of nicotine which is way lesser then the normal nicotine levels in a traditional cigarette of whopping forty to sixty milligrams. The two common bases for the liquid nicotine delivery usually used in the e-cigarettes are basically, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.These may sound scary but there is nothing alarming about them as there are commonly used as naturally derived compounds in various soaps and food to lubricants. The propylene glycol used in liquid nicotine is also used to manufacture inhalers for asthma patients.

So we can clearly see that most of the ingredients of liquid nicotine have been used since decades. The most important question which arises is the amount of liquid nicotine inhaled by using the new vapor cigarettes? To clearly know the nicotine hit delivered by every e-cigarettes, the doses for each cartridges of liquid nicotine can be specified according to the needs of the consumer. The customer has the choice of knowing the accurate nicotine content and can buy the cartridges according to its varied nicotine concentrations. The strongest liquid nicotine content being twenty four milligrams to the lowest of zero.

Nicotine has known side effects which are well known to the smokers, but these effects are intensified by the obnoxious gases released while the cigarette is burning. This added irritant is greatly reduced in the liquid nicotine filled e cigarettes as they are smoke free and they don’t need to be set alight but they operate on a battery. The absence of burning eliminates the release of toxic fumes of carbon mono oxide, carcinogenic compounds, and tar.

There has been but limited researches done on the effect of liquid nicotine on our health. More research are going to hopefully clear all the doubts and concerns regarding the use if e-cigarettes with liquid nicotine, and make it a safe alternative for smokers.

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