What are the differences between normal cigarettes and Electronic Cigarettes?

E cigarettes are completely different. They use liquefied nicotine and produce less-harmful water vapor instead of harmful smoke. There are millions of people in the world who smoke cigarettes. There was a time when smoking is done only by tobacco cigarettes without mouthpieces. In order to omit health hazards related to smoking, new and innovative cigarettes are started to form. Electronic Cigarettes are the most revolutionary form of cigarette which can increase the fitness and health level of the consumer.

There are so many noticeable differences between e cigarettes and traditional cigarettes. The first point of difference is that their attitude or mechanism of smoking is completely different. In case of normal cigarettes, they use the process of ignition to convert solid nicotine or any other injurious chemical smoking products into smoke. The combusted smoke contains several cancer-causing elements and other harmful chemical compounds which are a serious threat to the smoker’s body. On the other hand, the atomizer part of Electronic Cigarette provides necessary combustion to convert the liquid nicotine into water vapors. The smoke generated by Electronic Cigarettes is nothing but harmless water vapor which does not cause any real effect to the consumer’s health.

There are lots of changes and modifications that have been introduced in the Electronic Cigarettes with respect to the tobacco cigarettes. The major consideration is the percentage of nicotine or harmful chemical products used. From numerous researches, it has been found that traditional cigarettes contain 4000 injurious chemical products amongst which 43 are cancer-causing elements. On the other part, Electronic Cigarette does not use tobacco for smoking and only two carcinogens namely diethyleglycol and TSNA are found. Another point is the nicotine heat. In case of Electronic Cigarettes there is no need of the nicotine heat. It is powered with the help of a rechargeable battery unlike traditional cigarettes.

Uses of tobacco and nicotine heat are some of the basic distinguishing features. There are some other marked differences between Electronic Cigarettes and traditional cigarettes regarding pollution issues. The smoke generated by e cigarettes is a form of heated e-liquid or water vapor which is less-harmful to the smoker and also for the environment. On the other hand smoke of tobacco cigarettes contains carcinogens and toxic carbon-di-oxide gas. It is not only harmful for the environment but also for the passive smokers in the surroundings. Electronic Cigarettes are smoke-free cigarettes unlike the traditional ones. In terms of cost, e cigarettes are 75% cheaper than the traditional cigars. In lots of countries normal cigarettes are banned whereas e cigarettes are gaining popularity day-by-day.