Vaping Rights

Since our founding in 2011, Mt Baker Vapor has maintained a commitment to informing and educating our customer base regarding any developments in the political landscape that surrounds vaping. On May 10th, the vaping industry was introduced to our biggest challenge yet when the FDA finalized their Deeming Regulations regarding the vaping industry. These regulations have been in formulation for over three years, and deem vaping products as tobacco products in the eyes of one of the nation’s largest regulatory bodies.

To call these regulations heavy-handed would be an understatement. While the FDA says they want to bring vaping products under the same regulatory standards as other tobacco products, these new regulations go far beyond that initial goal. If the regulations are implemented as currently written, the industry as we know it will be decimated. As a company, Mt Baker Vapor is committed to doing everything possible to keep this from happening.

In keeping with this mission Mt Baker Vapor is fully supporting the Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition in challenging the FDA's Deeming Regulations. Founded in July of 2015, The Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition (R2BSF) is dedicated to challenging all unconstitutional state and federal laws related to the vaping industry. The founding members of the coalition include Cosmic FogNicQuidVapor Shark, and Mt Baker Vapor. As the fight against these harsh regulations evolve, the coalition will play a key role in organizing and funding industry activities.

We will utilize our positions as leaders in the industry to defend the rights of the entire vaping community. The FDA regulations are being contested, and we are already taking the necessary steps to legally challenge them. We will also be reaching out to members of the community to join the R2BSF coalition to challenge this blatant overreach of governmental power.

Standing by our commitment to education, Mt Baker Vapor is including the following flyer in every package we ship:


Interested in doing your part beyond contributing to R2BSmokeFree? provides an excellent contact page that will let you send a letter to the President, Senators, and Congressional Representative asking them to support both HR 2058 and the Cole-Bishop amendment. These pieces of legislation could have the power to rewrite the FDA's grandfather date to save many of the vaping devices and liquids you know and love. Click here to let your voice be heard!

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