Integrated vs. Removable Batteries Info Page

There’s a ton of vaping devices you have to choose from, each with its own unique features. One such feature is the battery. The question that comes to new vaper’s minds is “should I go with an integrated or removable battery?” Both integrated and removable batteries come with a variety of features, and they vary in sizes. Choosing between the two can be a daunting task. Integrated batteries save you the hassle of having to choose between thousands of brands. Removable batteries, on the other hand, give you the freedom of choosing between many until you find the best one and stick to it. If you are torn between the two— read on and get to know the primary differences between these batteries and ultimately make the best choice for yourself.

Integrated batteries

Integrated batteries are also known as internal batteries. As the name suggests, they are built into your vape device thus they do not come off. These built-in LiPo batteries charge via a USB cable, much like the one that is used to charge cell phones.

Integrated batteries are used in beginner devices — such as vape pens — to sophisticated and high-powered vape devices.

Built-in batteries are cheaper, and they make an excellent choice for new vapers who know little about vaping or those who are on a limited budget.

If you are looking for small but compact vaping mods, then you should go for those with integrated batteries. They are usually smaller than the ones with removable batteries, making them easy to carry around.

Are integrated batteries suitable for every vaping style?

Due to their small sizes, integrated batteries have less power and limited battery life. Mods with integrated batteries also limit the atomizers that you can attach to them.

When choosing an integrated battery mod, it is important to have your desired vaping style in mind. Most internal batteries go up to a maximum of 80 watts. This makes them ideal for regular vaping, but they might not perform well with sub-ohm vaping, especially with tanks that work best with 90 watts and above.

Generally, integrated batteries cannot out-perform their removable counterparts when it comes to vaping in high wattages. Some sub ohm tanks, for example, go up to 300 watts. To achieve this, you would require three to four integrated batteries.

What are the benefits of using integrated batteries?

They are smaller

Mods containing internal batteries are relatively small and portable. They have no doors or thick copper contact points for the batteries because they use soldered wire. Lack of these features contributes significantly to their small sizes. You can carry them to any location without drawing attention to yourself.

Less expensive

Eliminating of hardware such as doors minimizes manufacturing costs for companies, which makes internal batteries cheaper than the removable batteries. If you want to begin vaping but you are on a tight budget, internal battery vape mods will come in handy.


Vape mods with internal batteries do not require you to remove the batteries and charge them in a different location. In addition to this, they save you the hassle of looking for battery bags for extra batteries when traveling (they are their own battery carriers). Also, they are much more regulated, and they rarely fire accidentally while in your pocket.

That said, it is clear that internal batteries are convenient for inexperienced vapers because they allow them to begin vaping at low wattages and work their way up. Also, they save them the hassle of choosing from myriads of removable batteries. However, there are some downsides to using them.

Disadvantages of internal batteries

You’re stuck with the battery cells

Whenever you buy a mod with an internal battery, you’re stuck with the cells. This is a major disadvantage if you buy one with low-quality cells. It will decrease the vaping experience and the battery life drastically.

Internal batteries are more likely to fail

It is possible to repair internal batteries when there is a connection problem, but only if you have soldering iron. Integrated batteries are permanent, and chances are that when they fail, you have to discard the entire vape mod.

Removable batteries

Removable batteries are also referred to as external batteries. A few years ago, these batteries came in different sizes which were confusing for most new vapers. Nowadays, the industry has mostly standardized to the 18650 size. This size looks bigger than the AA, and it delivers 4.2 volts at full charge. Two 18650 batteries have enough power to last a moderate vaper for at least a day.

Despite the fact that they look like bigger AAs, 18650 batteries are more complex. They have a lot more energy, and unlike the AA batteries, they are not interchangeable. Any AA battery fits in any AA battery slot. However, using the wrong 18650 on your vape mod could damage it — or worse — lead to an explosion.

Can removable batteries be used for every vaping style?

Removable batteries are versatile, and they can be used for a range of vaping styles. Vapers have the option of choosing single batteries for low output and up to quad batteries for increased vaping time and high wattage.

What are the advantages of removable batteries?

They let you choose

Removable battery mods allow you to choose the best and most durable batteries for your vaping style. If you are a cloud chaser, for instance, you might have noticed that the high VG based e-liquids required for cloud production consume lots of energy. When you use integrated batteries for cloud production, you diminish their life fast. Removable batteries, however, are customizable. You can choose batteries with high mAh ratings to allow you to vape longer. Also, for high wattage vaping, you can choose batteries with high continuous discharge ratings for high wattage vaping.

Flexible battery charging

Removable battery mods have a USB port that allows for charging, but you do not have to use it. You can use an external battery charger of your choice. The good thing about selecting an external battery charger is that you can select one that allows speed charging, monitors cells and stops charging automatically when your batteries are fully charged. This also guarantees that you can continue using your mod in case the USB port fails. With internal batteries, once the USB port fails, you'll have to buy a new device.

Less downtime

Removable batteries have less downtime compared to integrated ones. With integrated batteries, you cannot vape while charging because you not only diminish the life of your battery, but you also put your safety at risk.

When you have a removable battery mod, there is no downtime if you have more than one pair of batteries. You can comfortably use one for vaping while the other charges externally. Removable batteries come in handy when traveling to places where power is limited, such as camping, because you can carry as many spare batteries as you have.

Disadvantages of removable batteries


Removable batteries are bought separately from vape mods, and most vapers prefer to have more than one pair for convenience. Purchasing these batteries can be a tad expensive if you are operating on a tight budget.

Safety precautions

With removable batteries, you have to take lots of safety precautions to minimize the risk of fires and explosions. First, you have to store them at the right temperature, not too low or too high, as this can damage them. When traveling, you ought to have battery cases for your batteries to prevent them from coming into contact with other metals, thus completing the circuit and causing explosions.

Battery safety

When handling both integrated and removable batteries, it is essential to practice battery safety. Never vape on a mod while it is charging, its battery type notwithstanding. Ensure that you buy your removable batteries from reputable manufacturers. Avoid buying from dubious online sources as most sell bad batteries that not only have a short life, but they are also the leading causes of fires and explosions. Avoid overcharging or discharging your batteries. Finally, do not use a lower ohm than the recommended one for your battery.

Battery marriage

Removable batteries should always be used together as they were bought in a pair. If one gets damaged, dispose of both batteries. Also, ensure that you charge and discharge them together, not one at a time.

When you use an old and new battery together, the chances are that the old one will discharge faster, possibly below 3.2 volts, which could damage your vape mod. If your mod is designed in series, ensure that you rotate the batteries positions with each recharge because the first battery usually takes the majority of the discharge before the second one.


The type of battery you decide to use depends significantly on your vaping needs. New and experienced vapers can use both removable and integrated batteries — it is just a matter of preference. However, when using removable batteries, ensure that you use the right ones for your mod. For mechanical mods, for instance, you need mods that can deliver at least 25 amps. If you have to build your coils, make sure that they do not overpower your battery. Most importantly, exercise battery safety precautions when handling both removable and integrated batteries.