Changing and Priming a Coil

So you are enjoying your time vaping away, but soon you start to realize a change in the experience. Are the clouds less dense? Is your device producing less intense flavor? The reason behind this is usually a worn out coil, and these are just signs that you need to change it. Vape devices require regular maintenance and changing coils is a great way to keep your equipment in excellent condition. Here's everything you need to know about replacing your coils.

What affects coil longevity?

Several factors affect how fast a vaper's coil wears out. Generally, you should use it for a couple of weeks before you begin to notice a change in vapor and flavor production.

Coils that use less than one ohm have a lesser lifespan compared to those that use more than one ohm. Low ohm means that there is less resistance in your coils. This sucks a lot of power from your battery to get your coil heated fast. So if you are sub-ohming, your coil will have a lesser life span.

E-liquids with high VG content for cloud production tend to wear out coils faster than the less viscous PG based liquids. Also, the wattage you use to vape matters. If you use high wattage, the coil will wear out faster. Sweet favored e-juices, such as dessert and coffee flavors, gunk up your coils more quickly than regular fruity flavors.

How often do you vape? For all day vapers, regular replacement is required. The final factor that affects coil longevity is the length of time you press your firing button. More extended presses leads to faster wearing out.

How often do I need to change my coil?

Heavy vapers require a change every five to seven days. Moderate vapers can use coils for up to two weeks. If you are a light vaper, your coil will serve you for a maximum of four weeks. Change your coil once you begin to detect:

  • Weird gurgling noises when you take puffs
  • Burnt taste
  • Leakage
  • Reduced vapor and flavor

How to change a coil

Because there are so many types of vape devices and coils on the market, there is no universal method of replacing a coil. Before changing coils, ensure you have emptied all e-juice from your atomizer or tank. Here's a procedure that helps with most vape devices:

  1. Open the bottom part of the vaping device to separate the battery from the mouthpiece
  2. If you have any juice left, empty it into a sink with running water
  3. Turn your tank upside down and unscrew the metal bottom cap from the tank, then unscrew the coil head from the bottom cap
  4. Using gloves or tissue paper to avoid spilling e-juice on your hands, screw the new coil onto the bottom cap
  5. Fill the tank and ensure you avoid spilling e-liquid into the central airflow metal tube
  6. Screw the bottom cap onto the tank and turn upside down to check for any spillage

Before using your coil for the first time, it is essential to prime it. Here’s how you can do that:

How to Prime a Coil

Priming a coil generally means saturating it with e-liquid before using it for the first time. Priming helps the cotton inside your coil stay saturated and prevents you from getting dry hits. It also enhances your vaping experience and guarantees a longer coil life. Here are some simple priming steps that will optimize your vaping experience.

Step 1: Once you have unscrewed and disposed of your old coil, attach your new one to the atomizer or tank bottom cap. This will give you something bigger to hold on to and prevent e-juice from spilling onto your fingers. Alternatively, hold the coil using tissues or gloves.

Step 2: if your coil has an open top, place drops of e-liquid on top of the coil until it appears saturated. For coils without an open top, place drops of the e-juice into the wick holes on the sides of the coil until it is saturated. If your coil has several wick holes, add e-liquid uniformly in each hole to achieve uniform saturation. The amount of e-liquid required to reach saturation varies depending on the size of a coil. Once the cotton stops absorbing the e-juice, you know it has reached saturation. Avoid adding e-juice if the cotton stops absorbing it as this will cause flooding and allow e-juice to get into your mouth.

Step 3: place the coil back into the tank or clearomizer.

Step 4: fill the tank with e-liquid and re-attach it to the battery or mod.

Step 5: once you have reassembled your device, take 4-5 gentle draws on the e-cig without pressing the power button. If your tank has adjustable airflow, reduce the airflow to or cover the air intake with your hands (for those without adjustable airflow) to create a better seal. Doing so will help to siphon the e-liquid from the tank into the cotton. Ensure that you are as gentle as is possible when taking these draws to prevent the coil from flooding. Also, do not take more than 5 draws for the same reason.

Step 6: leave your e-cig for 5-10 minutes to ensure proper saturation. When this time has elapsed, check if you have pulled in too much liquid and use a tissue over the drip top to drain excesses

Step 7: the final and most significant step of priming coils is breaking-in the new wire. Start the coil at a lower than usual wattage. Increase the wattage gradually till you reach your normal one. Also, make sure that your first 10 draws are shorter than the usual to avoid overheating the new wire.

How does priming help your coil?

Here are some benefits of priming your coil:

Eliminating dry hits: since the coil is new and the cotton is dry, using it without priming will result in a burned taste and flavor. Pre-saturating the coil prevents this.

Optimizing flavor intensity: pre-saturating the coil enables you to enjoy rich flavor from the first hit.

Increases coil longevity: primed coils last longer as their wires and wicking material are broken-in appropriately; hence preventing them from burning.

Changing and priming coils allow you to have an enjoyable vaping experience while increasing coil longevity at the same time. Once you start experiencing a change in flavor or burned taste, it is time to change your coils using the easy steps that we have shared. Happy vaping!