FAQs for Reordering

Mt Baker Vapor

I. How do I receive texts for reorder?

When you check out at mtbakervapor.com, click the checkbox pictured below. It’s a one-time enrollment so you will receive texts for any of your past or future purchases. Once you opt-in, you’re in!     

II. How often will I get texts?

We will only send texts when it’s time to reorder premium juice and/or products. Depending on how often you have bought an item in the past, or how often that item is typically ordered in the past, MBV will send you a text.   

III. How do I stop receiving texts?

If you ever decide that you no longer want to receive texts from MBV, you can reply to any of our texts with a STOP and we will not send you texts anymore.

IV. What will happen when I respond yes?

Once you respond YES to our texts, your premium juices and/or products will automatically be reordered.

V. What if I’m not ready to reorder?

You can always respond with a “RemindMe” and ask us to send you a reminder whenever you’d like. You can specify at what point you’d like a reminder to order more juice, and MBV will text you!