FAQs for Reordering

Mt Baker Vapor

I. How do I receive texts for reorder?

When you check out at mtbakervapor.com, click the checkbox pictured below. It’s a one-time enrollment so you will receive texts for any of your past or future purchases. Once you opt-in, you’re in!     

II. How often will I get texts?

We will only send texts when it’s time to reorder premium juice and/or products. Depending on how often you have bought an item in the past, or how often that item is typically ordered in the past, MBV will send you a text.   

III. How do I stop receiving texts?

If you ever decide that you no longer want to receive texts from MBV, you can reply to any of our texts with a STOP and we will not send you texts anymore.

IV. What will happen when I respond yes?

Once you respond YES to our texts, your premium juices and/or products will automatically be reordered.

V. What if I’m not ready to reorder?

You can always respond with a “RemindMe” and ask us to send you a reminder whenever you’d like. You can specify at what point you’d like a reminder to order more juice, and MBV will text you!

VI. How do I set up a subscription?

You can set up a subscription during the checkout process on our website simply by choosing how often you’d like your product to be delivered.

VII. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes! Simply log into your MBV account and navigate to “My Subscriptions”.

VIII. How often are my subscription orders sent?

Your subscription orders can be sent in monthly increments between 1-6 months – we make sure that you’re never running out of the products you love!

IX. Are all products subscription eligible?

At this time only some MBV products are subscription eligible but we’re working hard to make sure that all your favorites are able to be automatically sent to your home.

X. Can I add more items to my subscription order?

Absolutely. Simply log on to MBV and browse our content. When you see something new you want added to an upcoming shipment just click the button. You can also manage all subscription orders by logging into your account and clicking “My Subscriptions”

XI. How do I remove items from my subscription order?

Simply log into your MBV account and click “My Subscriptions” to manage

XII. Can I skip a delivery if I already have enough of an item I am subscribed to? 

Yes! Log into your MBV account, click “My Subscriptions” and choose the new desired subscription date.

XIII. Can I opt out of the texts?

Yes! Respond to any text message with “STOP” and you will be automatically and permanently removed from our list.