Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes – Study them to Prevent Health Issues

There are very few side effects of electronic cigarettes, according to the doctors and researchers. Electronic cigarettes look like the real ones, but they do not contain tobacco. Pure nicotine is passed on to the users through a cartridge, which is operated by a battery.

Pure nicotine when delivered to the lungs may affect the lungs and the overall health, if taken for a long period. This is one of the more serious side effects of electronic cigarettes. However, the researchers have yet to answer about the way in which the health could be affected. Researchers have used a sucking machine to calculate the strength the users need to puff the electronic cigarettes, to get the needed nicotine. It was found that a strong suction is needed, much more than that required when smoking the regular one. This might lead to the use of more electronic cigarettes to compensate for the regular one.

Of the very few side effects of electronic cigarettes, dry throat and sore throat have been found to be common ones. These conditions are usually caused by prolonged use of these cigarettes. Using them in limited doses is the best way to get rid of any such side effects.

The various flavors in which e cigarettes are sold, like mint, apple, vanilla, chocolate and orange, have made them very popular. This may entice youngsters and even children to try and then be a reason for them to start smoking them. This may even promote smoking in non-smoking people. This is a generally considered to be one of the side effects of electronic cigarettes. General awareness is one of the ways to prevent this.

A few smokers have complained of medical conditions like palpitation and rapid heartbeat as some of the side effects of electronic cigarettes. These may be caused due to a faulty cartridge, where one inhales more nicotine than the normal dose. The right way to avoid this condition is to buy a cartridge with a low potency and then slowly raise it to a level that is comfortable for the smoker.

Many people have turned to e cigarette as a way of quitting the habit of smoking. However, a person who gets addicted to e cigarettes might end up with a strong nicotine habit than before. Addiction of any matter is harmful to health. If it is smoked in a limited way, there is nothing better than an e cigarette.

The side effects of electronic cigarettes are not very serious as long as one can control the dosage and uses quality e cigarette products.

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