Know about Electronic Cigarettes FDA Approval and Warnings

There is no fda approved electronic cigarette

Many people across the world are searching for good quality and low priced e cigarettes that are alternative to traditional tobacco based cigarettes. Lot of cigarettes buds that are discarded into the environment will be reduced with switching over to electrical cigarettes. E cigarettes help smokers to save few pounds every year. E cigarettes can be smoked almost anywhere. Mt Baker Vapor offers best quality e cigarettes at reasonable prices. Electronic cigarettes FDA found that e cigarettes are not free from some of the toxic chemicals and carcinogens such as nitrosamines. They still contain diethylene glycol which is used in antifreeze.

Electronic cigarettes FDA have termed the e cigarettes as bad. However, FDA has not banned the use of electronic cigarettes in the US. The battery operated e cigs comprises cartridges filled with flavored nicotine. When the user drags the e cigs the sensor gets activated and power is applied to convert the nicotine liquid into vapor form. Many firms across the world are selling e cigs that contain liquid nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive and e cigs are being aimed at young people worldwide including the UK. Nicotine cartridges are offered in various flavors including mint and chocolate to attract young people.

Electronic cigarettes FDA have directed many e cigs manufactures to use FDA approved replacements for nicotine. FDA has also directed the distributers of e cigs to display health warnings. Most of the e cigs sold in the market do not carry any health warnings. Many users are still risking their health through inhaling less concentrated nicotine vapor. Smokers are advised to select FDA approved e cigs to safeguard their health. So far Electronic cigarettes FDA has conducted limited tests on e cigs. It is not clear about the amounts of chemicals or the nicotine levels present in the e cigs being sold worldwide.

Smokers of e cigarettes are required to check their local laws about smoking e cigs. Some of the nations still do not allow smoking electronic cigarettes in public places, restaurants and during travel. The jurisdiction of electronic cigarettes FDA is limited to the use of e cigs in the US. Some of the e cigarette manufacturers have mentioned that their e cigs are free from nicotine. On verification, the e cigs sold by such manufacturers contain levels of nicotine. The smokers should be aware that e cigs are not completely from addictive substances such as nicotine and dangerous chemicals.

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