Joye Ego: The Best E Cigarette on the Market

What are the best e cigarettes?

Given the recent spurt in the number of e-cigarette brands that have caught public fancy, pointing out the best e cigarette on the market often becomes a difficult task. In spite of this, you could safely try the Joye Ego e cigarette, to get a feel of what a market leading brand tastes like. Manufactured by Joyetech, a renowned manufacturer of e cigarettes, the brand has truly caught on in terms of its quality, reliability, value and durability that gives the user a pleasant smoking experience.

Joye Ego is beginning to establish itself as the best e cigarette on the market, because of the fact, that Joyetech’s goodwill as an e cigarette manufacturer is enormous in the market, and Joye Ego is its latest product that comes with a multitude of advanced features, which the previous Joyetech brands did not have.

So what are the features that have established Joye Ego as the best e cigarette on the market? The cigarette’s starter kit contains a two-piece tank atomiser, user manual, pouch, Lithium ion batteries, which are rechargeable with the additional new on / off facility , USB charger and adapter, pouch, and five pre-filled cartridges. The batteries that come with a switch on and off facility are the most useful feature, and you can even switch them off when you aren’t using them. This undoubtedly, increases battery life. The entire cigarette unit is tapered and has a sleek and elegant look. An additional advantage is that the dual atomisers that come with the Joye eGo-T cigarette kit can be interchanged with Joye eGo’s starter kit. This gives the user the opportunity to upgrade his kit, while using both models to suit his convenience.

Joye Ego continues to be the best e cigarette on the market primarily because of the public trust in Joyetech’s goodwill as a leader in the e cigarette segment. Since e cigarette kits are considered expensive, and the rechargeable battery is its most important component, a longer battery life that Joye Ego guarantees, is the cigarette’s unique selling proposition. The quality and volume of vapour produced is also more, and the 650 mah battery quickly provides power to the atomiser. Even for heavy smokers, the battery lasts up to seven hours on a single charge.

With the introduction of the Joye Ego e cigarette, you no longer need to rack your brains about the best e cigarette on the market. Just buy a starter kit, and experience the joys of smokeless cigarettes. It’s a choice you will never regret.

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