Multi-Functional Ceramic Tweezer by Geekvape

Multi-Functional Ceramic Tweezer by Geekvape



Product Description

A multi function Ceramic Tweezer, for building your own coils. The ceramic tweezers allow for you to work with the coils if you fire them. The Ceramic tips act as a insulator for the discharge, which allows you to squeeze the coils tight. This can also be used to help with cotton tucking, for when your wicking some fresh built coils. A must have for the ones that like to build their own set! The Tweezers also have a  two part system on the center. One piece is utilized to grip coils that just wont twist off the base. the other part is utilized for when your tank gets stuck; you basically fit your rotation piece through the slot, grip, than twist, and Voila! your Tank is now taken apart with no struggle (these second additions are great for any Vaper, we all have had those times when our tank would not come apart!)

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