At Mt Baker Vapor, we believe it’s all about the flavor. Well, it’s actually about a lot of things really. But seeing as you are here, on our flavor page, it’s definitely all about the flavor.

Flavor is nonnegotiable. It’s important to us just as much as it is important to you. Of the most pleasurable activities we humans indulge in, eating ranks second. Taste sensations are crucial as they prepare our bodies for digestion. The ability to taste and smell what we put into our bodies is vital for our health and well-being. How could we not hold flavor in such high regard?

When shopping for e-juice flavors at Mt Baker Vapor, know that each and every e-liquid blend is backed by science and an overall desire to amaze the senses. Understanding that making the switch is a collaborative effort is just one of the reasons why we use only the finest quality ingredients in all of our signature flavors.