Do Electronic Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

The common question of everyone’s mind is “Do electronic cigarettes cause cancer?” Electronic cigarettes are the evolution of traditional cigarettes which work on the stimulation of smoking. They are developed to minimize the health risks arising due to smoking. Smoking of traditional cigarettes is often accompanied with health issues like cancer, heart attack and chronic diseases.

Electronic cigarettes are small portable devices equipped with built in batteries and replaceable or refillable cartridges. They are easy to use and are available in various sizes and flavors. The electronic cigarettes can be easily charged when the battery runs out of power. The electronic cigarettes have flooded the market as an alternative for tobacco smoking which attempts to provide an experience similar to that of a traditional cigarette. In these market conditions, do electronic cigarettes cause cancer or not is the major question arising on the mind of new buyers.

In a traditional cigarette, many harmful chemicals are burned and any of those chemicals may lead to cancer. However, in an electronic cigarette, few studies have found that there are two chemicals responsible for causing cancer. An electronic cigarette is free of arsenic, benzene, cadmium and formaldehyde which are responsible of causing cancer related diseases. Electronic cigarettes do not emit carcinogens.

The electronic cigarette can be considered as a option to avoid the harmful diseases, but it should be noted that improper use of the electronic cigarette may cause few health risks. One should be careful while using the electronic cigarette and should prevent it from breakage while in use. As a precautionary measure, it is advisable not to use the electronic cigarettes while it is broken or oozing e fluid.

The main ingredients of an electronic cigarette are Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, water and flavor. But the question “Do electronic cigarettes cause cancer?” leads us back to the use of nicotine in the electronic cigarettes. Nicotine is the main constituent of electronic cigarettes which plays a major role while smoking the electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes can be a good alternative when compared to traditional cigarettes. They can protect your family from the secondary smoke emitted during smoking and also protect you from the impact of dangerous diseases related to traditional smoking. Do electronic cigarettes cause cancer or not, they are sure to create a better impact on your life. Electronic cigarettes are friendly and easy to use, and can be capable of reducing the health hazards related to tobacco smoking.