Different Types of Electric Smoke Devices

smoking devices

Electronic cigarettes are developed as an alternative for traditional smoking. It is an electric smoke device which stimulates tobacco smoking act by producing inhaled mist. They are self-contained electric devices which are portable and easy to use. They are partially or fully disposable and are available in various sizes and ranges.

Here we discuss about the different types of electric smoke devices.

One piece electronic cigarettes: This electric smoke device is equipped with an in-built pre charged battery. It requires one-step activation and is easy to use. The one piece e cigarette is disposable in nature and suits well for people who just want to try electronic cigarettes. They are prices relatively low when compared to other types of electronic cigarettes.

Two piece electronic cigarettes: The two piece kit which is often referred to as cartomizer, consists of an in-built atomizer and a battery. The atomizer is used to hold e liquid in a cartridge which is responsible in creating a sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. The advantage of using this type of e cigarette is that the atomizer gets replaced when the cartridge runs out of e liquid. These are semi consumable in nature and life of the cigarette depends on the usage. There may be some difficulty in refilling e liquid in the cartridge.

Three piece electronic cigarettes: This is the most versatile type of electronic cigarettes. It comes with three main components which are atomizer, battery and nicotine cartridge. The advantage of a three piece kit over two piece is the efficiency in refilling the cartridge. This electric smoke device offers freedom to choose from a large range of e liquids. The atomizer and battery used in the three piece kit are semi consumable and need to be replaced regularly in order to maintain the performance of the electronic cigarette.

Electric smoke devices are easily available and easy to use. The replaceable/refillable cartridge and rechargeable battery are the attractive points of an electronic cigarette. As a starter, you can choose the disposable type of e cigarette which is convenient to use and later move on to either two piece kit or three piece kit depending on the usage. You can even choose the strength of the e liquid used in the cartridge or atomizer. You have the convenience of using various flavors at the same time in a three piece kit, as it has a removable cartridge.