How to Deep Clean Your Tank

A burnt taste, reduced flavor, and less vapor. All of these are common problems that will come up if you don’t look after your vaporizer and give it a clean now and again. Regularly cleaning your vape is something you really need to do if you want it to run properly and maintain the maximum flavor possible.

Before you start learning the different cleaning techniques, you need to know all the separate parts that make up a vape. This can sound confusing at first, but really it’s super simple:

The Tank

This is what holds the juice and tends to get the dirtiest out of all the parts, so it requires the most cleaning.

The Coil

This is what heats the juice and turns it into vapor. If this is burnt, you’ll taste it.

The Battery

This is where the power comes from. You shouldn’t need to clean it often, so you don’t have to worry about this too much.

When do you need to clean your vape?

Whenever you change the juice in your tank, you’ll want to give your tank a quick rinse so that the new flavor isn’t spoiled and you can fully appreciate the new taste. Whether you change flavors or not, it’s worth giving it a proper clean every couple of weeks. This’ll make sure that gunk doesn’t build up and the flavor tastes fresh and smooth. It’s also a good idea if your vape isn’t performing well to try giving it a real deep clean before worrying about it being broken or anything like that. Often this is all you need to do to sort it right out — just give it a good clean. So let’s get into how you actually clean the tanks:

How you clean the tank

There are two different ways to do it. A simple rinse with warm water or a deep clean using alcohol. You should give it a simple rinse whenever you change your flavors, but a deep clean is still necessary to do once every month or so.

So here’s how you do it:

The Simple Rinse

All you need for this is a bowl, some warm water, paper towels and your dirty vape. First off detach your tank from the rest of your device and get rid of any juices that are left. Then completely take apart the tank, separate all the bits from each other and put them in a bowl of warm water. Give each of the separate bits a scrub until they look fresh and clean. You might have to change the water a couple of times and — if it’s especially sticky— a couple drops of dishwasher soap will do the trick! Get a paper towel and dry off each separate component and then leave them out to air dry for about 15 minutes. Then simply reassemble your device and you’ll be good to go for a clean tasting, fresh, delicious toke.

The Deep Clean - Using alcohol for a deeper clean

Once again, detach the tank from the rest of your device, drain any remaining juices and then completely disassemble all the tank's components. Then get some high-proofed and non-flavored vodka. This will work as a solvent and remove any stains or remanence of e-liquids that might be left on the tank. Pour a small amount of your vodka onto a paper towel and get scrubbing! You’ll be able to see once you’ve got all the grime off of it and then you just have to rinse it off with some warm water. Again, leave it to dry for about 15 minutes, put it all back together and it’ll look good as new —and taste fresh as ever.

How to clean Coils

Unfortunately, you can’t really clean coils and make them work as if they were new. Once they’re burnt out, they’re burnt out, and really you just need to replace them. It doesn’t matter how well you clean your vape, coils have a lifespan and will eventually burn out. Your coils are going to have a huge effect on the flavor when vaping and using a fresh one can make a huge difference. Changing your coil over and keeping a fresh one in there is just another thing you have to do to maintain a good quality vape. Here’s how to spot if your coil needs a change - just look at it. Often you can see burn marks, or dark crusty erosion that’s happened over time, if you can see this, it needs a change. If you’re using a clean device, but there’s a burnt taste, it’s likely to be because of the coil. Using an old coil can also cause the atomizer to leak and reduce the amount of vapor that is produced. Luckily, it’s pretty straightforward and easy to change over the coil in your vape, here’s how:

Remove the tank from the rest of the vaporizer and pour out any remaining juice. Twist the coil anti-clockwise and it should unscrew from the rest of the tank. Screw in a new coil and you’re good to go. That’s it. Now clean your vape and enjoy some great tasting juice!

Happy vaping!