Conduction vs. Convection Vaporizers


Vaporizers are built in two different ways — via either a conduction or convection heating method — and at first this can be pretty confusing. Conduction heating work by passing heat around the contents, while convection heating uses a separate heat source or element that touches the contents that’s vaporized. So what does this really mean? What’s the difference between the two and which one is better? While this can seem confusing at first, really it’s quite simple, let me explain...

When vaporizers first came out, they pretty much all worked through convection heating. This method had a few problems and, because of this, they didn’t last long and soon most vaporizers were being designed with a conduction heating method instead. This was because of the uneven way that convection vapes often vaporized the contents and the fact that if you don’t use them right it can be very easy to end up burning, rather than vaporizing, the contents. But this is no longer the case. Convection vapes have come a long way since then, and with new technological advances, this means you can now control the temperature with much greater accuracy than before. Because of this convection method, vaporizers have shot back up in popularity and are starting to be used more and more. They work by heating up a little mesh screen which whatever you may be vaporizing sits on. This heat travels through the mesh and directly heats the materials that are being vaporized. People often claim that this produces a better, cleaner taste than conduction vaporizing does, but it does come with some downsides.

While technology has definitely improved in how well heat can be controlled there’s still a ways to go. Even with such good heat control, materials can often melt onto the screen, stick to the surface and cause a big old mess. This isn’t the end of the world and it can be cleaned off pretty easily, but regular cleaning is needed or it can start to smell a bit and eventually, if not cleaned, will just stop working.

Don’t let this put you off though.

Some new convection vaporizers, are arguably the best out there. They produce a beautiful tasting vapor and are very economical in how much vapor they produce without needing lots of materials. Just make sure to scrub them down after every use and keep them clean!

How conduction works?

Now, if you’re looking at modern vaporizers it’s very likely that they’ll use a conduction method of heating. This tends to be the preferred method of heating because it allows better control over the temperature. You can increase or decrease the temperature, down to the exact centigrade, just by pressing a button. This means any chances of the contents catching alight and accidentally combusting is reduced significantly, in comparison to convection heating methods. This is one of the reasons a lot of people start vaping, so that they can avoid inhaling smoke, which is much more harmful than vapor, and is also one of the main reasons people prefer conduction vapes. The other quality of conduction vapes that makes them more popular is that the heating element within them normally is detached from the chamber. This means there’s no chance of getting anything melted to the screen, so the content gets evenly vaped and you don’t have to worry about cleaning it quite so often. These days, the most popular vaporizers use conduction methods.

But that doesn’t mean they’re the outright best...

What’s the difference?

Put simply, the way that they heat the contents differs and this causes two main differences. Convection vaping gives a better, cleaner taste but comes with the added extra effort of constant cleaning. Conduction vapes, however, don’t get as messy, are less likely to burn the contents and give you greater control over the temperature.

Which one is the best?

Especially with the advances in technology that convection heating has gone through over the past few years, there really isn’t a clear winner between the two and really it’s just down to personal preference. A convection vape, will take more effort to keep clean but produce a stronger taste and a stronger hit than conduction vapes do. Conduction vapes tend to be easier to use and control, so if you’re just starting out in the world of vaping this could be a good choice for you. But if you’ve been vaping for a while and want more taste it might be worth checking out a convection vape. Both can have issues with overheating or malfunctioning and this is really down to the brand you go for.

Only buy from reputable companies that have a bunch of good reviews.

Whether you go for a conduction or convection vape, make sure to do your research on the individual model and brand and get one from a company that’s reliable and got a good track record. As long as you do that you can’t go wrong.

Happy searching and happy vaping.