The Anatomy of A Vape

Vaporizers are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to smoke. Recent research found that there are around 9 million vape users in the US, and around 20.8 million vape users worldwide. And it isn’t hard to see why vaping has become so popular. A study released by the CDC found that vapes are safer than smoking, so they are ideal for anyone who wants to quit. But that isn’t their only market; millions of other people enjoy vaping for the experience and the culture. But how exactly does a vape work? After all, the only thing most people know about vapes is that they are easy to use, they don’t have harsh smoke, and they are available in a range of flavors. They don’t actually know what is inside a vaporizer, or how it works — so let’s take a look at the inner workings of a vaporizer.

Vaporizer Types

There are two popular types of vaporizer, and while both are fairly similar there are some essential differences that you may already be aware of:

The Pen Vaporizer

Pen vapes are the cheapest type of e-cigarette. They are normally designed to be used with concentrated juices and oils, and they are very easy to use. They have a slim, pen-like design, but this lack of internal space means that they lack the precision found with more complex models.

The Portable Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are also very popular, and they can be used with either juices or dry herbs. Portable vapes are larger and heavier than pen vapes, so they can fit more complex mechanisms inside. This means that they can provide a more controlled, enjoyable vape experience. Normally they come with convection heating chambers and digital temperature control, and sometimes it is possible for the user to adjust the temperature. This provides a slightly smother vapor, which many people prefer. They are normally more expensive than pen vapes, as they have more complex mechanisms.

Now that we have established the difference between the main two types of vaporizer, it is time to look at the anatomy of a vaporizer.

The Anatomy Of A Vaporizer

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is the part of the vaporizer that comes into contact with the mouth. This part is often called the ‘drip tip’, and it can come in lots of different sizes and shapes. You can also buy customizable mouth pieces; some will help to produce more smoke, while others will make it easier to draw smoke through.

The Battery

The battery is one of the most important variables in a vape pen; a rechargeable, high quality battery will last for days without needing to be recharged, but a low quality battery may need charging every few hours. Most vape chargers come in USB form, which makes it very easy for the user to charge their device. It is also possible to buy vape chargers which plug directly into the wall.

The E-liquid Cartridge

The cartridge is the part of a pod vape that stores the e-liquid. Users can open this part to refill the vape with more e-liquid. Very few vaporizers actually come with e-liquid inside; normally the customer has to buy the e-liquid separately.

The Atomizer

The atomizer is the core of the vape, and this is the part that actually turns the e-liquid into vapor that can be inhaled. When users inhale the liquid, it will first go through the atomizer, which breaks the liquid down into vapor, and it is then passed through the mouth piece.

The Coil And The Wick

The coil and the wick can found inside the vape tank, where the e-liquid is stored. This section can heat up to a temperature of around 100-250 °C, depending on the device. Some devices allow the user to alter the temperature inside of the vape, which means they can customize the vapor to suit their personal preference.

The Tank

The tank is the part of the vaporizer that holds the atomizer and the vape juice. A good tank will be tough and durable, while a bad tank will be frail and easy to damage. This part is fairly important to the overall functionality of the vaporizer; if it breaks, the vape will stop working.

Extra Accessories

We have gone through all of the essential parts of a vaporizer, but there are still lots of extra accessories that people can buy to customize their vapes. Some popular accessories include hand cases, which customize the appearance of the vape, as well as mouth pieces that allow the user to produce even more vapor.

It is also possible to buy new vape tanks that can be added to the vaporizer. Some tanks help the user to produce more smoke, while other make the vape smoother and more flavorful. All of these mods allow people to customize their vaping experience to their personal preference!

A vape may look fairly simple from the outside, but in reality they are complex mechanisms that can vary significantly from model to model. This is why many vape shops stock both pen vapes and portable vapes, as well as a range of accessories and mods. Every customer has different needs and requirements, and it is important to make sure everyone is happy with their purchase.